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Our Mission And Story

We are an innovation-led company with a mission: To help our customers across a variety of industries to “keep it flowing!”

Flow Industries exists to help solve the biggest problem in bulk material, water, or oil flow. We first developed and introduced our patented Airshock® technology in 1998.

Since then, Flow Industries has been the only company in the world that specializes in the engineering and production of unique devices providing repeated high-pressure gas pulsing with differential pressure up to 3000 psi or more.

Applications of our products range from solving flow problems for bulk materials to water, oil, and gas well simulation and completion.

Flow Industries’ technology was first applied to well water rehabilitation. Airshock® has been extensively used worldwide since 1998 by the leading water well drilling and rehabilitation contractors.

In 2009, Flow Industries presented unique high-pressure air cannons as the Silo-Flow™ and Turbo-Flow™ solutions to prevent or eliminate clogging and buildups problems in cement and chemical industries. These have since become the most sophisticated and effective products on the market!

Today, they are found around the globe in the largest cement and chemical plants.

We have recently developed Airshock® for use in various oil and gas well applications and are introducing Airshock® based services to the oil and gas market.

Our production facilities are ISO 9001 certified and our rigorous testing and quality control measures have been specially developed for our products.

Silo-Flow™ and Turbo-Flow™ systems are CE certificated and we proudly follow all required quality assurance and regulatory standards.

With Flow Industries, you will get the maximum return on your investment as well as many years of trouble-free, low maintenance operation. Our team of technical and market specialists are ready to assist you.

Please contact us with any questions or for more information.

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