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Flow Industries specializes in custom hose reels, which are tailored to the unique need of each customer and are available with manual, hydraulic or electric drive.

Flow Industries started developing high-pressure industrial hose reels after facing challenges finding existing solutions in the market for high-quality industrial hose reels for our customers’ applications.

In order to address this need, we developed our own line of high-quality industrial, heavy-duty and large capacity reels based on the knowledge and experience we gained working with our customers. Today we have the capability to design and supply custom high-quality reels for customers across many industries and applications including marine, military, aviation, drilling rigs, oil and water drilling and others.


  • Any hose length High-pressure swivel and fluid path
  • High quality steel construction with heavy duty fully welded spool. Stainless steel construction available
  • Available with level rewind
  • Available with built-in automatic brake
  • Power options include electric and hydraulic motors for heavy duty application

Hydraulic Hose Reels

Electrically Driven Hose Reels