AirMace™ Air Cannon

AirMace™ – Keeping Your Bulk Material Processes Flowing


The Most Cost Effective and Powerful Solution for Silo, Bin, Hopper Preheaters, Cyclones and Coolers Clogging Problems


AirMace™ is the latest breakthrough development providing a winning combination of unique technology and economy.

AirMace™ leading edge innovations include:

  • Minimal air consumption at pressures from 60 to 600 psi.
  • Unique stainless steel firing mechanism features:
    *Fully Engaged Piston Sealing and **Pre-Fire Piston Acceleration
  • Improved safety
  • Easy Installation
  • Simple maintenance

Unlike any other air cannons, the AirMace™ entire firing process is extremely quiet outside, less than 30 dB and eliminates any safety risk of a high pressure blast into the environment.

* world’s only air cannon having the piston fully engaged into the seal. This prevents any leakages and short-term maintenance.

** initial piston movement occurs inside the seal allowing to the piston very rapid acceleration and extremely powerful blast at any pressures


Simple, Quiet, Reliable and Extremely Powerful

With only one moving component – a stainless steel piston, AirMace™ can be operated with normal plant air pressure, or at any pressures up to 600 PSI (with a dedicated compressor) for more difficult material build-up issues.

Designed for high temperature environments:

Adds 0.5 liters of water

Unique combination of high pressure air and small water charge generates most powerful cleaning force