AirMace™ Air Cannon

AirMace™ air cannon

Keeps Your Bulk Material Processes Flowing

The Most Cost Effective and Powerful Solution for Silo, Bin, Hopper Preheaters, Cyclones and Coolers Clogging Problems

AirMace™ leading edge innovations include:

Higher Pressure And Power
Air Saving
Air-Water Blast
Simple Maintenance

Higher pressure and power

The unique AirMace™ valve technology provides extremely fast piston acceleration and allows air blasts at pressures from 60 to 600 psi.

Air Consumption

AirMace™  valve technology provides unprecedent air savings with the built-in spring-free piston return mechanism .

Air-water blast

The only air cannon at the market having a special mechanism for injection a small amount of water into the air blast. Water injection into the air blast enhances the cleaning the effect immeasurably.

Simple maintenance

Maintenance couldn’t be easier. The valve can be easily disassembled and replaced with no need to remove the tank from the vessel.