Layne ChristensenI am pleased, not only with the results we have achieved with AirShock, but how easy it is to setup and apply.

Three wells were returned to 90+% of original capacity and one, a sandstone well, came back to 141% of original.  The two relief wells in the St. Louis District responded favorably with gains of 12 and 81% over previous treatments with modest amounts of chemicals and without damage to the PVC casing, which was a major concern.

Roger D. Miller

Technical Director, Layne Christensen, Inc., USA

Service des Forages d'Eau, SADEWe used AirShock with HCL :

Well F1:   5 to 29 m3/h/m  with 1 ton of HCL acid

Well F2:    3.5 to 55 m3/h/m  with 600 kg of acid

Well F3:   7 to 50 m3/h/m  with 1 ton of acid

The customer is very happy.


Chef du Service, Service des Forages d'Eau, SADE, France

Equipozo MexicoWe got incredible results with AirShock. We increased the specific flow for about 400%. The client is very happy.

They where pumping 30 lps @ 70m. At the end of the pumping test we were pumping 74 lps @ 42m

Jerónimo von Wuthenau Mayer

Mtro. Ing, Equipozo, Mexico

HIDRO DRILL, BoliviaThis new well had a lot of silt in suspension, we were actually trying to break and loose a bridge that formed in the gravel pack during gravel pack installation. The bridge prevented the gravel from covering the screens. Everything we tried did not work and we were running out of options.

10 min of AirShocking was enough for the bridge to break, gravel is now entering the well; we are very happy. AirShock made in 10 min what traditional technics like jetting, surging and airlift could not do in 10 days, very impressive.

Thank you for developing such a good tool.

Mauricio Solis

Owner, HIDRO DRILL, Bolivia

Municipal Well & Pump

Running AirShock as pre-fracturing and post-fracturing procedures. Results with and without AirShock are as different as day and night. With AirShock I am getting fantastic results

Chuck Claverack

Owner, Claverack Pump Service, NY, USA

We have used the system and it is working great.

Guy Beemer

Owner, Beemer Inc., USA