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The most effective solution for preheater buildups and clogging

Keep Your Preheaters and Coolers Absolutely Clean and Flowing

Turbo Flow concrete flow

A TFD-6 unit mounted on the corner of a riser duct wall

Cement kiln operation, a highly complex and sensitive process, suffers from recurrent preheater build-ups and cooler “snow-men”. These problems lead to reduced clinker production, increased operational costs, and can even cause full kiln shut-downs. To make things worse, the quest for cheaper and more readily available alternative fuels means that cement plants are using fuels rich in sulfur and chlorine, which only adds to the preheater build-up problem. Turbo-Flow™, a unique new system developed by Flow Industries Ltd., finally provides cement producers with a complete and effective solution to these problems. Now, for the first time, there’s no longer any need for cleaning teams dressed in protective gear and using dangerous water-jet equipment, or for hundreds of low-pressure, limited-range air-cannons that only provide a partial solution. Turbo-Flow™ is an innovative, patented and automatic impulse system. It works by combining compressed high-pressure air up to 200 bar (3000 psi) with water. The combination of high-pressure air + water creates a very powerful spray that keeps large preheater walls or cooler areas clean and build-up free. One Turbo-Flow™ system may keep an entire one floor preheater wall build-up free. Two units will prevent snow-man formation in any cooler.

TFD helps to remove the buildups where low-pressure air cannons are unable (almost everywhere) to cope with the hard buildups.

This is the efficiency for both devices for the buildup removal from the Kiln feed-shelf

Turbo-Flow™ is activated either automatically, manually or remotely. Offering complete flexibility with full control of its operating parameters, such as air-pressure and frequency of activation, Turbo-Flow™ provides a complete solution to any build-up situation. With such a large wall area covered by each Turbo-Flow™ unit, few units provide with a complete solution and space becomes far less of an issue, while maintenance and energy consumption are dramatically reduced. In addition, the system is designed to enhance control with local or remote control options, readily available information on device operation, and simple modification of operating parameters for immediate response to changing production conditions.

How to say goodbye to the Snow-Man problem

How to say goodbye to the Snow-Man problem (Giant Cement South Carolina)

The Turbo-Flow™ device may be installed instead of existing air-cannons or as a new installation, connecting to a wall-mounted “duck” nozzle. Turbo-Flow™ offers operators peace of mind that this critical part of the cement production process is now fully under control.

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