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AirShock® Oil & Gas Technology


AirShock® is a patented, non-destructive and environmentally friendly technology for oil, gas, injection and water well stimulation and clean-out. AirShock® is extremely effective for all types of vertical and horizontal wells, both open and cased hole.

AirShock® is based on the compressed gas (air or nitrogen) continuous accumulation and its repeated sudden pulsing release in the well by means of the AirShock® guns. The AirShock® guns provide unparalleled efficiency in formation permability enhancement and clean-out of all types of oil, gas and injection wells.

When the AirShock® process is in progress, shock waves break up any type of formation damage, while the expanding and contracting bubbles force fluid in and out of the formation ensuring a comprehensive stimulation process. Energy losses are minimal so that AirShock® delivers maximum energy down-hole and directs it exactly at the target zone. AirShock® is simple to setup and operate.

When applied along with fluid injection, AirShock® makes injection of heavy and viscose fluid much easier and prevents the fluid from following the paths of the least resistance.

The AirShock® Process

oil well AIRSHOCKPhase I, first 5-15 msec: the AirShock® Gun is downhole and is firing against the perforations: sudden high-pressure gas release from the gun’s internal chamber creates a powerful shock wave. The shock wave is followed by a rapidly expanding gas bubble that generates a short fluid surge into the perforations. The shock wave and the fluid surge break the debris and scale.

Phase II, next 50-70 msec: The gas bubble immediately starts contracting creating a strong flow back into the well and washes out the crushed debris and fines. The expanding and contracting process repeats itself several times until all energy is spent.

AIRSHOCK oil well maintenanceThis process continues as long the gas supply to the AirShock® Gun is open and the tool is firing.

AirShock® Near Wellbore Stimulation

Perforation plugging, fines migration, scale build-up, paraffin and asphaltene precipitation, emulsions and sludge invasion – all tend to impede oil flow into the oil well.

Whatever the formation damage nature, AirShock® is an excellent choice to remove all impediments for oil flow. Pressure waves created by AirShock®  penetrate very deep into formation and provide the tremendous effect in removing damage and scale from:

  • formations
  • perforations
  • screens
  • gravel packs

The advantages of the procedure:

  • Cyclic—highly effective process of blowing the impediments up by high-pressure short gas impulses.
  • Fully controllable—treatment pressure and duration are easily regulated.
  • Numerous expanding and contracting bubbles creates unique stimulation regime.
  • Self-firing—AIRSHOCK® Gun starts firing as the compressed gas is supplied and stops firing as the compressed gas supply is ceased.

AirShock® Fluid Injection

AirShock® has numerous advantages when it comes to fluid injection into formation. Short and powerful high-pressure pulses push the injected fluid evenly over formation preventing fluid by-passing through the paths of the least resistance. AirShock® is extremely efficient in injection of any fluid, and particularly with:

  • Cements for weak zone isolations
  • Chemical agents
  • Viscous gels

AirShock® Acidizing

Acidizing is a rock formation matrix treatment involving the pumping of an acidic liquid at pressures below the formation’s fracturing pressure to either dissolve material that is blocking the pore throats in the rock formation or to create new pathways that bypass near-wellbore blockage.

AirShock® acidizing is a unique combination of chemical treatment with powerful mechanical stimulation that tremendously enhances the treatment efficiency. AirShock® assists to overcome a problem of the liquid entering preferred flow pathways.

The shock wave creates micro-cracks in the filter cake and the expanding gas bubble pushes the acid into formation.


  • delivers acid exactly into the zone to be treated.
  • cyclical powerful gas surges generate strong dissolving fluxes deeply into the formation.
  • oscillating bubbles provide superior acid circulation.
  • active mechanical stimulation removes spent-acid precipitates, emulsions and sludge that can cause the severe detrimental effect on the permeability of the formation.

AirShock® Applications In Research and Development

Flow Industries continues to develop new AirShock® applications for the benefit of the oil & gas industry.

In development are AirShock® applications to enhance:

  • Fracturing
  • Waterflooding
  • In-situ seismic production stimulation
  • CBM/CMM Wells

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