AirMace™ Pulse valve

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AirMace free piston pulse valve for baghouses and dust collector systems

Efficiency * Reliability * Low energy consumption * Minimal downtime and maitenance * Quick ROI

AirMace™ new valve design brings many benefits.

Unmatched Power and Performance

The AirMace™ pulse valve’s spring-free, diaphragm free, patent pending design with sliding piston and radial sealing provides higher performance than other valve designs. The rapid piston movement and fast opening and closing of the valve result in the highest peak pressure. Further, the volume per pulse is maximized and can be adjusted easily.

More powerful pulses provide more effective cleaning, allowing increased intervals between pulses and resulting in a significant reduction in air consumption.

Longer Bag Life

Because of the powerful and efficient blasts and fewer pulses needed for effective cleaning, the filter bags are less stressed and can have a longer service life.

Less frequent bag cleaning means longer bag life.

Higher Reliability

The AirMace pulse valve™ operational principle, robust design and high-quality stainless steel body and seal materials assure that the AirMace piston is always closed after the blast, preventing air leaking even if the valve fails to release. The valve design is also not affected by moisture in the compressed air.

Robust design and high-quality materials results in less downtime.

High Value

Effective cleaning, energy savings, longer service life, minimal downtime and maintenance all combine to provide a rapid return on investment for the AirMace Pulse Valve.